One of my fave Korean places in Boston and yes I am Korean :). You know it's good when it's packed w/ Koreans. Everytime I go it's at least 80% Koreans. It's not super high end but it's really cheap and they are really quick. They do not serve alcohol so that probably does add to the low price.They do have good cha jang myun which I love and agree is not served in many places in Boston but my favorite dish that keeps me going back is the fried beef. It's like deep fried w/ a light tempura batter and you can order it extra spicy and the sauce is delicious, like a sweet and sour consistency but very sweet with a kick of good spicy. Be sure to order some rice to temper the heat. You get a HUGE plate for like $18 and it can be shared with everyone at the table and still not be done. I think I've had the bulgogi before and it was ok but prob wouldn't rush to order again.

-Jennifer K, Jamaica Plain, MA

Best Korean Restaurant I've been to in Boston!!! I'm not Korean, but I did live there for 2 years, and I can honestly say that the food is pretty up to par in terms of authenticity I pretty much crave Korean on a weekly basis and this is my ONLY go to spot.

- Kristin b, Allston, MA buy soma online tramadol online pharmacy ambien online without prescription buy ativan online no prescription buy klonopin online without prescription

Although I am not Korean, my boyfriend is, and he introduced me to this place - it was the first time I had ever had Korean food. He has expressed that it's the closest to authentic Korean in the Boston area. I wouldn't know anything about that, but I can honestly say I absolutely love the place!! They put out these little dishes of fermented so-and-sos that you can snack on while you look through their menu. After visiting several times following my first experience, we're in LOVE with the ganjajang (my favorite), tangsooyuk, ddokbukkhi, and goon mandoo!! If you get all of these things at once you'll be stuck with a lot of leftovers, so just take it a little at a time. The wait staff has always been courteous, and have recognized us as regulars - our goon mandoo was comp'd on more than one occasion. Very nice people :)

Meghan M, Lecanto, FL


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